Jadeite jade laughing Buddha Statues – LB001

+ Material Provenance: jadeite jade laughing Buddha Statues (Myanmar, Burma). + Dimensions (L x W x H): 28.5cm x 13cm x 6cm. + Weight: 3.33kg + Meaning: sorrow dissipate, bring joy, peace, the information the department. + Usage: display room, work room.

White quartz Globe – GG001

+ Material Provenance: White Globe quartz crystals (South America). + Size (diameter): 7cm + Weight: 471g + Meaning: To overcome the stress and consequences of stress, symbol of the advantages, smooth, enhance vitality, activating positive energy, the par Kim, Mercury, Mars. + How to use: put your desk, living room, shops, …

Citrine Globe – GG003

+ Material Provenance: Citrine Globe (South America). + Size (diameter): 8cm + Weight: 779.2 g + Meaning: the entrepreneur’s stones, symbolizing attract fortune, bring good fortune in work and business. + How to use: put on desk, living room, reception, cashier, …

Globe cat eye stone – GG002

+ Material Provenance: Globe feng shui wood cat’s eye stone (South America). + Size (diameter): 10 cm + Weight: 1.3 kg + Meaning: the stones help mental clarity and focus, work smooth, rounded, smooth, with par Turkish, Kim. + How to use: put on the table, in the living room, reception,

Tree amethyst – TG002

+ Material Provenance: Tree fortune amethyst stones A + (South America). + Dimensions (L x W x H): 34cm x 16cm x 34cm + Weight: 1.9 kg + Meaning: strong gas sand brought to the house, office or shop business, enabled luck of fortune, … + Usage: decoration living room, office, shop.

Citrine tree – TG001

+ Material Provenance: Tree fortune gold quartz, round pots (South America). + Dimensions (L x W x H): 47cm x 28cm x 60cm + Weight: 6.9kg + Meaning: Symbols of wealth, fortune attracting, creating vitality, bring good luck, prosperity. + Usage: Office, shop, office, living room.